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Osteopathy Programme

Bachelor of Osteopathy (BOst, Hons)

The BOst is a part-time degree course delivered in collaboration with the University of Derby. The programmes completes in four years.

The programme has been designed to meet the needs of the ever growing body of students who wish to work while they learn and train on a fully part-time basis. The programme develops the educational, professional and the business skills required for successful practice. Attendance is required every other weekend for eighteen weekends per year and there is flexibility built into the attendance required at clinic. The clinic opening hours include evenings and Saturdays enabling students to continue with established work and home-life commitments throughout the duration of their course. There is no requirement to attend full-time at any time on the programme. Furthermore this innovative programme focuses on the development and practical application of business skills from year one, ensuring that students will graduate with osteopathic and business competence.

Programme Structure

The course is a modular programme, comprised of three levels of study; Levels 4, 5, and 6, each level becoming successively more academically challenging. There are, broadly speaking, four strands of modules extending over the levels. These strands are ‘Hands-on’ modules, clinical modules, academic modules and professional modules.

Programme delivery is varied and includes lectures, workshops, self-directed home study and clinic-based learning.

There will be an option to use the third semester (June to August) of year 4, to complete the final clinical module (CO(3)).

Download and view a simplified diagram outlining the modules and levels of study here: BOst (Hons) Programme Map

Entry Requirements

The College of Osteopaths is committed to and experienced in, enabling adult learners to achieving a degree in osteopathy. The diverse skills, knowledge and experience of applicants with non-traditional backgrounds will therefore be considered. The minimum entry requirements below are therefore given as guidance only. Other skills and experience not detailed below, that may be appropriate, can be discussed at the interview stage:

5 GCSE subjects grades A-C including Maths and English and 2 Advanced level qualifications or vocational equivalents (preferably in science subjects) or,

A BTEC National Diploma in relevant subject or a degree awarded by a British University or,

An Access to H.E. Certificate or Diploma or relevant Open University modules

The College also recognises equivalent international qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate, and degrees from other disciplines.

Students applying without minimum entry requirements or non-scientific qualifications may be offered the opportunity to complete the College’s Preparation for Study Programme.

The programme is delivered in English.  Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to produce evidence of proficiency in written and spoken English to Level 7 using the IELTS scale.

The College of Osteopaths Preparation for Study Programme

The College of Osteopaths Preparation for Study Programme is an intensive course of study delivered by The College of Osteopaths. The course consists of 6 taught sessions that take place over two weekends, usually during the summer.  Completion of this short course allows progression to the College’s BOst (Hons) programme.

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone can attend the Preparation for Study Programme as it is designed primarily to be interactive, thought-provoking and enjoyable, as well as introducing essential skills and knowledge. However, the course may be recommended to you at interview, or attendance and successful completion, may be a condition of gaining access to the degree programme.

Some people who may fall into these categories include:

• Those who have not studied science-based subjects beyond compulsory participation at school, but have the appropriate study skills
• Those who would benefit from a science refresher course prior to starting the degree
• Those who have been interviewed, and successful completion of the course is a condition to starting the degree
• Those who have not studied at H.E. Level and would benefit from practising the study skills essential for success, through relevant subject and topic based activities.

Course aims and objectives

• introduce you to the skills required to study at H.E. level and within an H.E. environment
• provide you with a broad understanding of the structure (anatomy) and functioning (physiology) of the human body so that you are able to cope with the in depth study of these subjects on the course
• provide you with an appropriate understanding of the underpinning physical, chemical and biological sciences
• provide you with the opportunity to explore relevant scientific ideas

Where does the course take place?

The course location will be at the College’s teaching clinic at Borehamwood.

Cost for 2020: To be confirmed

Dates for 2020: To be confirmed

Application Forms

Once you have decided that The College of Osteopaths is where you would like to study please complete an application form and return it to us as soon as possible.  At our open day there is often the opportunity to arrange an interview.

You can complete your application form online here




Osteopathic Practice Standards

Qualified osteopaths adhere to a practice standards set out by the General Osteopathic Council. Our course will help you to build on skills you already have and develop new skills required to meet these standards. If you are interested in looking at the areas in which osteopathic practice standards are focussed you can view them on the General Osteopathic Council website here


Finance Information

The fees for 2020/21 will be £6935

Other expenses will include:

Clinic Coat £30.00

DBS Enhanced Check £68.00

Diagnostic testing kit, can range from £30 to over £100 depending on your choice of kit.

NB. Once students have enrolled the College arranges insurance with the Institute of Osteopathy (iO).  Should you decide to withdraw you will be required to pay the cost of this insurance as part of a cancellation fee of £100.  This cancellation fee includes a small administration cost of approximately £25.

The college is currently going through the process to register with the Office for Students. We are unable to confirm whether student support is available until we have received a decision from the OfS.  Visit www.officeforstudents.org.uk for more information.

Other help with funding once enrolled on the course:
Council Tax Student Status:

Once you have enrolled as a student, you may be able to claim some discount on your council tax.  You will need to contact your local council to find out what discount scheme runs in your area, explaining that you will be a student on a degree course.  We can provide a letter for you with any information they request to support your application for a discount.

Self-Funding Payment Options

This is an example of how payment for fees can be made for those who are self-funding.

1. Payment in Full

2. Four equal instalments.

If you wish to discuss finance issues as part of your research into whether this course is right for you please give us a call.


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